Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back in training

This was me a couple of weeks ago.  I stubbed my little toe on a box in my office.  It hurt...more than the usual stubbed toe.  That night I thought I had popped it back into place.  However, 1 1/2 weeeks later, it still hurt and was swollen.  After an x-ray, by technitions young enough for me to have recently taught, my Dr. determined I had a fracture...a healing fracture...but a fracture nontheless. 

Ah!  This meant no running for a week...or two.  Ah! 

I made it little over a week just doing yoga and some stationary bike work.  It no longer hurts all the time, but I still keep it taped, especially when exercising. 

I'm so torn because obviously I want it to heal.  But I need to begin training for the October marathon my Dad, sister and I are going to run.  So, slowly we will go till it is healed.  I've done just 2 1/2 miles runs on the treadmill this week, plus a little beach biking. 

Hoping to do more soon!

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