Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas Card Love

I was thrilled when Creative Memories brought back the folded 7x5 and 5x7 cards.  I love Christmas cards and I'm becoming one of "those"  people that tries to out-do herself every year.  I won't lie, I was pretty proud of this year's card.  The front is an image from the Biloxi "green".  I just love how this is so unique to where we are living right now.  I wish I could send cards to everyone I know, but even with my discount, I had to keep the numbers lower than I'd like.  Maybe some Valentine's cards for those I couldn't send Christmas cards to this year.  Hmmm...

Inside Top

Inside bottom


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PeregrineAce said...

I got as far as writing a list of people to send cards to and quit about the time I figured out that I'd need a few more cards. Maybe if I had cards are personal as yours, I'd be more inspired! :-)