Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bless the Fleet

The 81st Annual Blessing of the Fleet Festival was this past weekend. I forget that I truly live in a small town because it feels so expansive with the water right next to it. Or maybe it's because we're really living where several small towns are clustered together now and run right into each other. Either way, the festival was not as large as I expected, but there were fun activities for the kids and good shrimp to be eaten. (I've also been to numerous gatherings and festivals in the small town of Atkins, IA and Cedar Rapids, IA and they seem much larger than here...maybe the casinos throw me off.)

Enjoy some pics. It was hot and muggy, you'll see it on the boys' faces. We ended the trip at Ben and Jerry's...located in the Hard Rock Casino. It's a different world here.

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