Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I Saw God's Hand

I saw God's hand yesterday.
I saw God's hand as the EMT's helped my husband onto a stretcher.
I saw God's hand as the boys got themselves ready to leave in minutes.
I saw God's hand as I was greeted by the caring and friendly women in the registration office.
I saw God's hand as the chaplain came and spoke with us for a little bit.
I saw God's hand as the nurses and Doctor's checked on and medicated my husband with a painful kidney stone.
I saw God's hand as we took Jason home and he slept and rested.
I saw God's hand as the boys played, and didn't argue while I finished their laundry for the their journey home.
I saw God's hand as the evening ended with the boys working together to clean and organize their room before sleeping.
I saw God's hand as Jason was able to sit up a bit and play a game of Trouble with the boys on their last evening with us.
I felt God's hand as I ended the day with one boy sleeping in my lap and the other sleeping by my side as a movie played.

Jason says I was truly a Mom that day.
I FELT like a Mom that day. But only because I felt God's hand that day.


shel said...

such a sweet post. made me tear up. love you.

Nina and Christopher said...

Our God is amazing! So glad you have a wonderful husband and stepsons. Also thankful Jason is doing better. God is good! We should talk and catch up soon.

Love, Nina

Wide Open Spaces said...

This post also made me tear up. What a blessing you are to your family! God is so good. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel Winters said...

Isn't it amazing, the adventures that we live as a wife and mother? Only a wife and mother can reach the depths you have reached and will continue to reach. It's a blessing and a treasure to be a wife and a mother. God bless your family Kari.