Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

Thanksgiving was fast and furious. I brought the boys back with me from my SA wedding weekend. It really takes a couple of days to adjust to being back together, but we managed to have fun even with that adjustment and my being exhausted from the 10 hour drive. (Yep, 10 hours in the car, just me and the boys. They were great. Got antsy, but who wouldn't?)

We had some fun at a playground. Then it wouldn't be us without a major project. Painting the boys' room. Jason had this idea, I did not. He wanted the boys to be able to help with it. Great in theory, but it was too huge of a project for them to help with the whole thing. Attention spans were limited. But the final outcome was/is fantastic!

Ian's 10th birthday fell on Tuesday of that week. I made cupcakes, we sang and ate pizza. Fun times for all!

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