Thursday, December 03, 2009

SA Wedding

There is nothing like being with people you know and love. My trip back to SA was brief, but jam-packed with fun. Lunch with great friends, shopping with great friends, rehearsal dinner and wedding festivities celebrated with great friends! I could go into great detail, but I'm not in the mood. But the trip started with some time in Houston with my mom. Happily Erin and Micaiah were able to come by for a morning of blowing bubbles and chit-chat. Micaiah is getting so big and amazed me with all the words she knew. She immediately saw the bubbles and never forgot them till we finally went outside and blew them. She had done that at mom's house several weeks ago and loved it then too!

I will also tell you that the couple happily married, Blake and Lydia, met through me. It wasn't my intention to hook them up, I just thought Lydia was cool and should join our Bible study. Blake wisely took it from there. The other random fact regarding this couple, Blake is one of my former students--from the class of 2004. It was marvelous to see so many of his classmates at the wedding. They were a riotous class, but I loved them! Enjoy the pics!

Class of 2004
Blake and Lydia

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