Monday, April 20, 2009


Fun and productive are the only two ways to describe this weekend. It began with a shopping spree on Friday to get all of the wedding gifts for those helping us with the wedding. I've known all along what I wanted to get them, just had to do when the budget was ready for it.

Next came chips and queso at Stonewerks with Marissa and Bethany. Along with a little wine and a shared slice of key-lime pie. Supper of champions I would think.

Saturday Bethany and I were out all day working center-piece things and a few other errands. After that there was a small, impromptu bachelorette outing for me at Swig North. It was a TON of fun just to dance and have a little girl-time.

Sunday was the usual church service with the boys and lunch. From there I brought glassware up to the church where two dear friends are going to wash it for me. Then I was putting chairs out to see how exactly we should arrange them for the ceremony. Mr. Phitz, the Director of Operations pulled up and got it all take care of for me! Yea! Then getting the program covers reprinted took a little time. Why reprinted...well, the mock design was used with incorrect middle names. And despite three people proofing them through email, we didn't catch it. Sigh. But, if that's the worst thing, we're golden.

I got the marriage license this morning! Whew! The most difficult part was getting into the building due to construction.

So, it's all coming together. Jason arrives Wednesday night. I'm not working on Thursday and we already had Friday off for a San Antonio holiday.

Enjoy some pics.

Ready for some fun!

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