Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall Feelings

It is finally feeling like fall in San Antonio. Cool, crisp mornings. Mid-eighties by the afternoon, and then cool again in the evenings. I LOVE it! The other night, as I was driving home at about 6 o'clock I had this sudden rush of nostalgia. With the time change, the sun was almost down and the colors of the setting sun and incoming darkness gave me such a happy feeling of peace. It took me awhile to pinpoint what I was remembering exactly, but it finally came to me. It reminded me of coming home from basketball practice with dad because it was right around that time of day. Walking into the house and smelling cinnamon candles burning, mom's favorite fall scent, and then smelling that mingled with whatever meal mom had begun. It was that "family feeling" that I was experiencing. The day isn't over, but it has suddenly slowed down. It was warm and wonderful.

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