Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flip Happy

I had lost my USB cord for a bit, which is why these are so late in being posted. My roommate, Bethany, our friend Marissa, Jason and I drove up to Austin over Columbus Day weekend for a day. Marissa, Jason and I ran 8 miles that morning and then busted it to get ourselves ready to spend a day up there. The some YUMMY crepes and visit IKEA (angel chorus please). Bethany wanted to pick up some storage items and the rest of us wanted crepes and love IKEA. Marissa had been talking about a place called "Flip Happy" since she saw it on "Throwdown with Bobby Fay"(sp?). It truly lives up to it's reputation of beating Bobby Fay and was worth the hour and fifteen minute drive. It's located in an empty lot and the ladies who run it work out of a fifties-style silver trailer. There are lots of picnic tables and lawn chairs set-up with various games available while you wait. Which is good because the line was about six people deep and didn't go down any as we waited and then ate our delicious crepes.

IKEA was overwhelming and fun, as usual. We filled Jason's trunk, which made him feel a bit used, so we made it up to him by buying him a drink while watching the sunset over a lake.

So, enjoy the pics and look forward to some pumpkin carving ones soon.

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