Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This last weekend I judged an art contest, celebrated a friend's birthday, cheered at the Austin Marathon, went to Tomball (outside of Houston) for the LCMS Texas Secondary Ed. conference, came back and now I continue the race.

Calendar for the next few weeks:

2/20--Fly to Vegas to visit and continue deliberation on Call to be a full time counselor there.

2/23--Fly back, but into Austin, for bachelorette party.
*Deliberate Call--listen for "leadings."

3/1--Art contest in San Marcos, drive to Houston.
*Either deliberate Call or make announcement.

3/2--Micaiah West is baptized--I get to play with friends in Houston.

3/7--Melissa and TJ get married in Austin--I get a half-day off to be sure and be there in time since it's a 6 pm wedding on the north side of Austin--i.e. traffic will NOT be fun!
*Know where the Lord is leading me.

I'm enjoying the journey, which feels like a race right now, but I am in His hands--which is why I'm stretching and growing as I write. :)


Brian & Erin said...

We've been praying for you. Keep us posted on any specifics that we can include.


Anonymous said...

Praying for you, dear. Can't wait to see you and talk about everything! C&P

Jamie said...

We'll see you in Houston! Hope everything is going great...and your trip was eye opening either way!

Nina said...

I'm continuing to pray for wisdom as you figure out where God is leading you. Love you!

Mrs. Maschke said...

So, how did it all go? Any specifics you want us to pray for?

Anna and Jed