Thursday, January 24, 2008

30 Baby!!!

Ah, the dreaded age...the one that as a college student I thought sounded so old and mature. Amazing how I really didn't know a thing back then! Thirty may be mature, but it is certainly not old. I'm embracing thirty...I've been looking forward to it...and now it's here. I celebrated with a wild weekend in Orange County, CA with my lifelong friends, Michelle, Sara, and Mandi. We painted San Diego red and then drove around Newport Harbor in a Duffy boat. The weekend ended with a fiery bonfire on the beach.

With thirty of course came the pitfalls of adulthood...flight cancellations! First, you must understand that I flew to Atlanta and then to OC on Friday. This fact concerned Sara...I had a message from her, "Kari, I'm a little concerned that you said Atlanta. That's the wrong direction hon. You need to go west!" Nice. I thought things would be better on the way back because I was flying through Salt Lake City, UT. Actually, that made me nervous too because it was already a late flight and weather can be sketchy this time of year. I even thought about putting some extra essentials in my carry-on bag...but I didn't. Which was tough once they cancelled my flight Monday night and I had to go spend the night in an Econo Lodge (not recommended), and then fly from Salt Lake to ATLANTA and then finally to San Antonio! I got home Tuesday night at 7:30, which was better than the 11:30 pm arrival I almost had from Phoenix...when Guy, the Delta man, suggested it I just started crying because the idea of getting home that late was just too much for me to take. I'm not a crier, but I couldn't keep it in any longer.

These are the adventures of a thirty year old.


Nina said...

Thanks for the update on your weekend. I've been waiting for one. I hope your birthday yesterday was good. I thought about you off and on all day, but somehow didn't get you called.

Love ya,

Brian & Erin said...

Yeah for fun in Cali! It's awesome to see pics of you all together. Glad to hear you had a blast, even if the trip home wasn't ideal...

Happy Birthday again! :)


Cory said...

Welcome to the club, babe! So glad you embraced it with a fantastic trip and posted the photos! Will we see you to celebrate the West baby?!?! We are planning to come!
Hugs - Cory

Kari said...

I should be there...I won't be able to spend the whole weekend because we have an art contest on the first, but I'll head to H-town after that.