Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Half Marathon

I did it! I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 50 minutes. I was 1,205th overall, 596th out of all the women, and 106th out of my age bracket. I felt really strong the entire way and I didn't really get bored. I attribute much that to my headphones, despite the poor reception, and the numerous people I could watch. Some of them passed me, I passed some of was fun.

The woman who won the marathon zoomed by me at the 12 mile mark. That was much less irritating than the people who I would pass as they were walking, but then they would pass me later, but then I would pass them again because they were walking again. I was going to be extremely irritated if they crossed the finish line before me. I worked very hard to be able to run the whole thing and so walkers should not be able to beat me!

My parents and my roommate came to watch me. The cheered me on at the 2 mile, 5 mile, and the 11 1/2 mile mark. What happened between 5 and 11 1/2? Seattle's Best coffee and donuts! I know where I rank now. :-)

I am thrilled that I ran and I'll even do it again, just not this coming weekend.

Happy running to all!


Brian & Erin said...

Congratulations Kari! I'm super proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Anna said...

Yeah Kari! Way to have run much further than I ever could! You rock! Hope you had a great visit with your family. Talk to you soon!


jed said...

Congradulations Kari! That's awesome. You've worked really hard and you've really accomplished something special. We'll have to go for a run together sometime, maybe when you come to visit (hint hint!).

God's Blessings!

Kari said...

Anna and Jed--I will be there in March!!

Erin, I will be there tomorrow!!

JDart said...

When I was training at NAS (JRB) Ft. Worth I ran into the same kind of thing. Sprint...walk...sprint...walk. I just wanted to shake some of these guys but I was too busy passing them as well. Good to see you in the blogsphere. I used to blog a bit myself, but I got too frustrated with the Lutheran blogsphere.

If you're ever in the Spokane area give us a ring. It's beautiful here this time of year. You've got the email addy.

Dave Waterman said...

Kari - great to see your blog. We had a great time this weekend and got in last night about 9:15 pm.